Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to Zig-Zags and Polka Dots

Welcome to my new blog!  I am so excited that you dropped by!!!  :)  Here are some answers that might help you know more about this blog.  Thanks for stopping by!

Why a new blog?
My last blog, Baking Paradise, was fun while it lasted but I felt like I needed to move on.  I was having trouble finding time and the need to bake something every week or so and posting about it.  I felt like a different approach was needed.
So here I am at Zig-Zags and Polka Dots.

Why did I choose the name Zig-Zag and Polka Dots?
- I don't really know.  I like polka dots....and then zig zag just popped in my head.  I thought it was kinda cute in a way and so I went with it.Lol!

What is this blog about?
- My last blog was just about baking.  I wanted to expand to other things as well.  So I closed that blog and opened this one.  This blog will have some cooking/baking in it, because I love to do that!  I want to also do crafts on this blog.  I love TRYING to be creative.  It doesn't always work but its still fun to try.  But I do love making stuff.  Its really fun.  And also, this blog will also include stuff about my life - my college adventures, and anything else I decide to write about.

Other than different subjects, what else is different about this blog?
- I am going to try and have this blog better organized with better features.  I still have to look around and research and stuff to find what all features I want to add.
I also have some big plans for this blog.  I am still planning but I will share a few things I have in mind:
   -- I am going to try and have a theme for every month.  All my posts I will try to have based on that theme.   Whether it is a craft, a recipe or just a random post.
   -- On different days, I will have different kinds of posts.  I am still trying to work this one out but for example:  Tuesday Treats...or something like that.

Thanks for reading about my new blog!


  1. Hi Brittany,

    I'm Ellie. I'm a teen blogger too. I'm following your blog; maybe you'd like to check mine out too? I look forward to your adventures!


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