Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

The month of August is now almost over.  I can't believe it!  This summer has gone by so quickly.  But it has been a fun, slightly eventful summer.  My school starts back in 4 days.  I am not quite ready for it but I don't think time will freeze for me, no matter how much I beg.  I will be a sophomore in college!  It seems just like yesterday I was entering into the scary world of Highschool.  Seeing that there is nothing I can do to either turn time backwards or slow it down, I might as well go forward with a good attitude!

I am majoring in Hospitality and Resort Management.  I needed to choose a major and I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career later on in life.  So looking at the list of majors, I came across this one.  I read a little more about it and it started growing on me.  It could be fun, and it seemed easy enough.  So that is what I went with!  There are many different aspects of this major.  There is lodging, food/beverage, casinos, tourism, and more.  At first I thought I wanted to concentrate more on the lodging part of the hospitality industry.  But now, I think I want to go more towards the food part.  I am very interested in running (I'm not sure if I want to totally open one cause that is quite more of a challenge) a bakery of some sort.  I really like baking and I think it would be really fun to bake for a living. But I am still not totally 100% sure what I want to do.

The past two semesters, for different reasons, I only ended up taking 4 classes each semester.  So I needed to take more classes per semester now so I can graduate in 3 more years.  So here are the amazing (and by amazing I mean not so amazing) classes that I am taking!
Intro/Hospitality Internship
Food Production and Service
Spanish 2 (Online class)
English Composition 2 (Online Class)

I am actually excited about my Food Production class.  They said we get to learn knife skills and stuff.  And we get to eat our homework (meaning its!  Who wouldn't want to take that class?! Lol.

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