Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brownies! && Questions for the Readers :)


So the first week of school and I have survived so far! YAY!!! I haven't had to much work so far...but I have worked up quite an appetite right now.

I'm craving...something sweet, easy to make, QUICK to make :), and just plain delicious. Thoughts ran through my head and I decided to make BROWNIES!
(No this is not my brownie....I found it on google images. But doesn;t it look delicious?!?! You can click HERE to go to the site it is originally posted on.)

(Oh the irony...wearing a cookie monster shirt BUT making

So I am about to go downstairs and grab a box mix :O and whip me up some brownies real quick. I think it might be cool to try and make some homemade brownies in the near future...

So my Questions for YOU guys:
What is your favorite way to make brownies?
Would you like to share your recipe with me? And any tips?
Is there anyway to improve a box of brownie mix?
Anything else you want to share about brownies?

Please if you have the chance, just comment below answering as few or as many questions as you would like. :)

Thanks for reading ^_^

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